Location development must be future-proof

The markets have seen no real movement in years and that is not only the case in German speaking economic areas. Real building development in the large scale areas of Switzerland is not yet complete. Expansion still fails to focus on safeguarding the future and on the involvement of investors and tenants. There is some expansion activity, particularly in the retail sector and logistics, but this is cautious at present. Other business sectors are also repositioning themselves, for example, high quality tourism and residential construction for the 50-plus age group are experiencing a positive trend.

The property market is a key factor in location development for both retail sites and the housing market. This is why specialists and promoters of economic development in the respective regions are looking at ways not only to support the region but also to secure the future. Where will the journey take us? What opportunities and challenges can we expect? At StandortSuche.ch AG we can help identify answers to these questions and develop them into real solutions.

The idea is the absolute, and all reality
is just the realisation of the idea.
(Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)

At StandortSuche.ch AG we look forward to supporting you in the initiation and implementation of new ideas and enterprises.